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As awareness of the same developments, end users began to return to the table in hopes of gaining a better, more profitable unit as it neared its end. In line with the GST council’s definition of affordable home to accommodate up to 50 square meters of carpet floor space and less than INR 2.5 million, these measures have served as a demand side in Godrej properties in Pune.

It has removed the other organizers who have been hesitant so far to come forward, their visible impact down in Pune. During 2020, the sale of accommodation in Pune saw not more than29% of the uptick, ticket sizes especially in the INR 4 million category accounted for a staggering 61% of the total amount.

Although the housing market will remain relatively stable, the sale of accommodation in the ticket-size brackets has recorded an increase in demand over the past four years. The share of this category in sales pies has grown tremendously from 19% in to 31% in. At the same time, sales of accommodation with tickets more than INR 3 million have been steadily improving and its share has gone up from 35% of total pie to 46% which is remarkable.