Meerut is one of the fastest growing cities in India and its agglomeration in the National Capital Region has facilitated the growth and development of the city. As Meerut is located on the banks of the Ganga and Yamuna, this has led to an increase in land production, fertile areas of land that grow various vegetables, fruits, and grains. In terms of intensity, financial integration and development, the city ranks very high among other national and international cities and municipalities. 

The city plays a major role in various economic fields such as tourism, trade and commerce, agriculture and infrastructure. Meerut is well connected by rail, road, and air transport, which supports the growth of industries in Meerut. As a center of industrial activity, the city is known for the production of musical instruments, sugar, sporting goods, scissors, tires and pharmaceutical companies. Scissors made in Meerut are registered under a geographical indication. Many large, and medium industries as well as companies of all types and sizes operate in Meerut. 

The Uttar Pradesh State has established two industrial estates, a sports complex and industrial estates to promote the overall growth of industries. Some of the major industries present here are Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., JK Steel Industries, Modi Tires Co. Pvt. Ltd., Mawana Sugar Works. Industry in Meerut Meerut district is mainly dependent on agriculture and is the most prosperous agricultural belt of Uttar Pradesh. The regions here grow food grains like bajra, maize, wheat, and crops like sweet potato, grass and others. This led to the development of other allied fields of agriculture such as animal husbandry, food processing units, dairies and others.

Various sugar industries are represented here in Meerut due to the large hectares of land for sugarcane cultivation in this region. It is home to some of the largest sugar companies in the world namely Mawana Sugar, Daurala Sugar Works, Balrampur Chini, Bajaj Hindustan, etc. Tourism industry in Meerut is a popular tourist destination from the historical and architectural point of view. You should plan to invest in Meerut as the industries offers many employment and growth opportunities.